Founder & Creative Director

Sanket Ravani is a Commercial Photographer & Cinematographer. Camera gives him a high! At the age of 12, he got his first analogue camera & since then he has only grown older as his cameras have got newer. An Alumni of JJ School of Applied Arts, Sanket was clearly sorted of stepping into Advertising. His inclination towards creativity and implementation of new ideas led to the inception of Elephion. When he is away from work, he enjoys travelling, camping and horse riding. Coincidently, his hair resembles the horse hair too πŸ˜‹







Co-Founder & Director – Digital Marketing

Nishant Shashikumar is a Creative Content Developer and a Digital Marketing Professional. He is a Nerd & takes education quite seriously with a double graduate certification. Any form of content, written or visual involves a deep thought process. Nishant is the brainchild of that well thought content. A silent observer, you will rarely hear him speak. He is a scribbler & can best express himself in words or sketches. He is simply self-obsessed. If you don’t see him around, just look out for mirrors. You might just find him admiring himself in front of the mirror 😊






Director – Middle East

Sudhin Nambiar is a Business Developer & manages the Dubai wing of the company. Settled in Dubai, he is an Ex-Banker with more than 8 years of work experience in the Middle East. “Why not” has always been his motto since the beginning of his career. He loves to engage clients in interesting conversations & clients simply love talking to him. He is busy watching geeky series when he is not scribbling or ideating. He loves spending his weekends sketching and painting . When Sudhin is stepping in, the clients are rolling in 😎




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