Every idea starts with a scribble!

When ideas start flowing in your mind, it is best to pen them down. These are usually in the form of scribbles. These scribbles are random and free flowing without any definition. When these ideas are aligned it brings clarity of thoughts, making the scribbles look crispier and sharper.

A concept based on Neology, Elephion is a completely new word created by coining two words – Elephant & Lion. Our logo depicting the Elephant & Lion, draws inspiration from the scribbled lines of ideas. The two identical elephants facing each other form the face of the lion & the scribbled lines form the lion’s mane.

At Elephion, inception of our ideas are mighty and powerful like the gigantic elephant while our thoughts & actions are ferocious & bold like a lion. We are in love with helping clients build their brand, making them unique & relevant in the industry. Our expertise in the rapidly changing digital age help our clients stay at the top.


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